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If you wish to make a refund on a service plan – for instance, if the person named in the plan has passed away – call us or contact us through website we will cancel the plan and refund any applicable money.

Sky Home Appliance 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX You may receive a refund in the following circumstances:

If you cancel your plan within the cancellation period outlined in your terms and conditions and have not made a claim, your contract will be cancelled immediately and you will receive a refund of any moneys paid to us.

If you cancel your plan at a time after the cancellation period but have not made a claim, we will refund any premium paid for the remaining period of your plan, calculated daily. If you pay for your service plan through monthly installments, your plan will be cancelled at the end of the monthly period during which you informed of your wish to cancel. You will continue to receive services from Sky Home Appliance until the date the service plan is cancelled.

We will not refund any money paid if you cancel your service plan after making a claim on it, including if this claim is made during the cancellation period.